Priceline Customer Service

Priceline Customer Service

Price line is a big American travel service website and it helps facilitate discount airfare, hotel stays as well as rental reservations. It lists the services offered by the other suppliers and then it showed the cheapest rates. This website doesn’t directly sell these products, and when it comes to Priceline customer service, you can contact them 24 hours a day.

Priceline Customer Service

There are few ways to solve your problem on regarding Priceline. You can go to their website and choose the way you want to solve it.

Priceline Website

Their website is nicely done, with simple commands. If you have questions, you don’t have to immediately call Priceline customer service, you can go to the Help tab and open Frequently Asked Questions. There you can find answers to the most common questions customer have. If you still didn’t solve your problem, you can use some other ways.

Priceline Chat

If you don’t like talking on the phone, you can send a message and have a live chat with some of the Priceline customer support agents.

You will need to fill up a form and then submit it and wait a bit for a help to come. Simple as that!

Also, you can contact customer support on the social media – Facebook, regarding any issues you have. They will be more than glad to help you.

Priceline Email Address

Their email address is, and you can also send them direct email from their website.

When you click on the Email Us icon under the Help tab, it will open a form you need to fill (with the personal info and your question), and then you just submit it and wait for the help. Similar to the live chat.

Priceline Customer Service Phone Number


1-800-PRICELINE (1-800-774-2354)

This phone line is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Also, if you are calling from another country rather than the United States, the number is different. You can find their chart for international calling on their website.

Priceline Mailing Address

800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854, United States.

The Priceline customer service is there for you if you have any issues regarding travel related deals, reservations, booking, cancellation, forgotten password, or any other related question. You just need to contact them and someone from a customer support will assist you in resolving your problem.


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