12 Fun Prank Ideas for video chats like Omegle

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Omegle is an excellent platform to show off your magic acting skills to strangers and make some funny pranks on Omegle. How can you turn this simple video chatting application into a funny one? I will tell you all about it.

Pranks on Omegle will mostly include the use of your phone because, let’s face it, using a phone is way easier than playing video pranks on your desktop. Before I list down the various ways I used pranks Omegle to my entertainment, let’s answer the question why I like to prank someone in the first place?

Why Prank People on Omgele?

I think that’s pretty much a no-brainer. Pranking people is fun. Most of the population agrees to it. Harmless pranking creates amazing videos and memories you can share with the world and laugh at whenever you rewatch it.

Before you start, you can seek inspiration on Youtube. There you will find numerous Omegle videos on how to scare people. Omegle is a very polpular video site when it comes to prank strangers. Many Youtubers or Instagram influencers upload their Omegle pranks.
Use a good resolution camera, and don’t forget to film the entire scene while you’re scaring people.

Yes, sometimes it can get annoying, but only when you are not doing it right. Now, let’s indulge in some funny prank Omegle ideas. Things are about to get exciting!

Fun Pranks Omegle Ideas to Try

You can try any one of these ideas or, as I say, go big or go home! Remember one thing, before you try these pranks on video chat, practice them so you won’t laugh while performing the prank.

1. Gravity Fooling Coca Cola

Chatting with strangers gives an easy way out to fool them. Whether you are on Omegle for fun or for finding yourself a teenage love interest, using a bottle of coke and a chair will do the trick. Put a stool or backless chair in front of you and lay down on your stomach on it.

As soon as you connect to a stranger, open the bottle and try to drink the coke. If you position the bottle just right, the coke won’t spill out of the bottle. This will be a great shocker for the other person on the video call.

They will be like, “how did you do that?” “why ain’t the coke spilling out?” And you’d answer, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s just gravity playing tricks.”

2. Fake Pushups

I know! I know! We are all aware of this prank. But it never hurts to try. Using duct tape, paste your phone on the wall. Then simply start your video chat and continue doing pushups. Make sure you flex some muscles while doing it to make it look more authentic.

Whoever is on the other side will be drooling. Plus, you get to capture their priceless reaction when you reveal that it was a Omegle prank. You can try any kind of sport exercices, I am sure it can be lots of fun. Why not make your next sports traning live on Omegle?

pushup omegle prank

3. Balloon Popping

Another prank Omegle includes balloon popping. This one is my favorite and probably the easiest to perform. Take a toothpick and soak one pointy end in a dish-washing soap. While you’re on the video call, put that soaked, sharp end in the below, dark-colored middle of the balloon. There you go, the balloon won’t pop, and your audience will be stunned by your magic.

4. Voice Changing

You will need a helium-filled balloon for this. Untie the knot of the balloon, stay cozy under your comforter. Five minutes into your video chatting, fake a cough. Put your face out of the frame and fill your lungs with some helium gas. Voila! Your very own voice changer without any software.

5. Squeezing an Apple into a Bottle

Let’s make our prank Omegle post a bit more exciting. Cut a big enough rectangle in a clear plastic bottle just below its mouth. Tell the other person on video chat that you’ll shrink the apple into the bottle. Fill 1/4th of the bottle with water. Then on the count of three, push the apple from that rectangular-shaped opening into the bottle. Make sure you’re quick enough and don’t give the other anytime to follow your moves.

omegle pranks

6. Floating Marshmallows

We all love marshmallows. But did you know we could use it to prank people? Take a big fluffy marshmallow and insert a toothpick in the middle from one side. While on your prank video call, eat 1-2 marshmallows, then tell the other person you can make the marshmallow float. Angle the marshmallow in a way that the person can’t see the toothpick. Put the toothpick in your mouth and let the marshmallow float!

7. Gender Changing

This is another popular prank Omegle, and why should you fall behind the trend? If you are a male reading this, shave that beard, put on a wig, some lip gloss, a dress, and sit in front of the camera. And if you’re a female, tie your hair in a bun and put on a cap or a wig. Make a fake mustache and sideburns. Start chatting with males and females in a deep voice, and let the fun begin!

8. Become a Mannequin

This prank Omegle is a bit difficult. Considering you’ll have to stay motionless for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Put makeup on your face that gives you a wax-figure glow. You should look realistic but unrealistic at the same time. Start the video chat and sit in the corner of the frame, like a rag doll. After 5 minutes, start moving and witness screams and “oh my god’s” on the other side of the screen.

9. Stalker Prank

A cliche Omegle scare prank yet a classic one that always scares strangers and never disappoints. Call one of your friends over when the house is empty. Make sure you don’t violate your curfew timings.

Position the laptop on a coffee table in the lounge, where the hallway is visible. Ask your friend to dress in all black clothing, a black wig, and a face mask. Instruct them to enter the frame for 2 seconds and then walk into one of the hallway’s rooms.

When on video chat, tell the stranger that you are all alone when they say, “there’s someone in your house.” Tell them you’re going to check. Let your friend drag you in the room when you walk into the hallway. A successful scare prank delivered!


10. Ghost Anime Filter Prank

We all use Snapchat and its anime filter. It is time to take this filter up a notch. Using an online coding tool, mimic the anime filter and add a ghost into it. Don’t take the coding as something difficult because you only have to drag and drop the block over each other to create this filter.

Put your free time to use. After you have made the filter, test it on the Omegle. Just like the demon mirror prank, the anime filter will be on the stranger’s face. And after a few seconds, a ghost will pop out on the screen. Even talking about it gives chills. This is an effective scare prank you can take out on others.


11. Staring into People’s Souls

So this prank Omegle is different than the others. You will have to video chat with the stranger here. Just start chatting with the stranger for five to ten minutes. Then all of a sudden, pop open your eyes as wide as you can. Keep staring at the camera. It will be freaky enough to scare the stranger and disconnect the call.


12. Fake a Robbery

This prank Omegle is intense. You can take your sibling’s or your friend’s help for this. Tell your parents not to enter the room even if they hear screams from your room. Get your friend or brother dressed in all black and turn the light of the room down low.

While you are video chatting, ask your friend to enter with a fake knife and his face hidden under a mask. Make sure you have ketchup hidden under your shirt at the perfectly accessible location.

When your friend enters your room, fake a gasp. Then get up and let your friend fake hit you. After that, they would take the knife out and hit your stomach with it until the ketchup leaks. Then the prank’s success lies in your acting skills.

Fake your pain and touch your abdomen. When you find the “fake” blood, fall on the ground while your friend raids your place. The stranger on the other side will scream at the top of their lungs.


These prank Omegle may sound intense, and they should.

People love to talk to strangers on Omegle and showing a prank or magic trick can be lots of fun. Take advantage of this pranks inspirations and have the chat time of your life. Don’t forget to film them and share them with the world on Youtube or Instagram. And who knows, sometimes these pranks lead to heavy chat flirts.

If you like pranking on Omegle and have more good prank ideas, let us know in the comments.

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