PayPal customer support

PayPal customer support

PayPal is an American company that owns a worldwide online payment system. This company replaces the traditional money transfer into a greater and easier form of online money transfer that is safe and reliable same as the traditional transfers. On the PayPal official web site, can be found a lot of information about the PayPal customer support of the PayPal Company.

PayPal Hotline

Whenever you have an issue regarding this company and their services, you can call them on 1-888-221-1161. This phone number is totally free off charges. But as a customer you will first need to log in to get a passcode. The customer service number is available from Monday to Friday 04:00 AM to 10:00 PM and from 06:00 Am to 08:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. There are a few more phone numbers for the PayPal Customer service in order you find this one busy. You can try 1-402-395-2050 if you are calling out of the USA or 877-569-1136 for all your questions and if you have a merchant service issue call: 866-428-0256.

Paypal Email Support

Another popular way to get your issue resolved fast and get detailed instructions is through an email. The PayPal customer service is providing their services through email 24/7, whenever you need it. If you prefer this option, than you can contact them on: or on their official site where you can send them an email through the section Email customer support. You will receive your answer within 24 hours. It is good to be mentioned that you can’t find these information on the official site of PayPal, if you are not logged in. So, you will have to log in and then contact them. The instruction will be given to you once you press the Contact us section.

PayPal Help forums

There is another way to try and solve issues that the PayPal Company provides for its customers and that is through Help community forums. You just have to log in and join the community, where you will find the answers of most of the questions you may have, answered. You can also consult with other customers, share impressions and experiences.

PayPal customer service review

The PayPal Company gets the customer opinions split according to the reviews that can be found online. Some of them consider PayPal the most trustworthy money transfer company, but others have gotten a reverse impact of the company. But, the experience of every single customer does matter to the PayPal Company and they are making great efforts to make all of them satisfied.


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