9 Tips to boost your OmeTV video chat fun

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OmeTV is an video chat website similar to Omegle which randomly pairs strangers for voice, video, and text conversations.

Ome TV has emerged as one of the top chat sites. It provides a quick way to meet with strangers online. The moderators ensure that misbehaviour is punished, one can bring any topic and everybody remains anonymous.


1. What are the Ome TV rules?

Here you can read the rules. Key rules is, that you need to be above the age of 18 years. Furthermore, the chat users are advised to use etiquette and be nice to each other.  All disrespectful activities are forbidden and you risk a ban from the chat. Also spamming, nudity, directing banners or text messages into the video etc. are all forbidden.

2. Why am I banned on the OmeTV app?

Ome assures that the app is safe and secure since the system automatically monitors chat rules violations. If they detect any kind of violation of the chat’s terms, or if somebody reports you, you will get a ban.

In the case of disrespectful activities, offensive behaviour, display of irrelevant images or texts or spamming may get you banned from using OmeTV.

3. How long does my OmeTV ban last?

A ban can last from several hours to several months. Ome.TV can ban you for around one week if you are found guilty of committing a minor violation of the code of conduct and 120 days in violation of company policy.

The apps offers you the possiblity to unban yourself for a fee of 9.99 USD or 12.99 EUR.

4. How to get unbanned from OmeTV?

OmeTV blocks your IP adress to prevent you from chatting. If you change your IP adress, you might continue chatting.

Just unplug your router for a few minutes and once you reconnect you should get a new IP adress. If this doesn’t work, then we recomment to use a VPN service like from VPNcity. Here you can get a limited 14 days free VPN trial*.

Why do I need my Facebook account to connect with Ome?

Now you need to login via your FB account before you can access the chat room. Ome will get access to your Facebook name and profile picture, email address, birthday, gender and current place of residence.

Your Facebook account will never be visible to any other user, but Ome might use location and gender to match you better with strangers. Connecting your private chat room experience with your social media account is not enhancing credibility and trust into Ome.TV and chatters which prefer higher level of privacy might look at other video chat alternatives.

5. Is the video chat available as an app?

ome tvOme.TV is available for android devices in the Google Play Store. It has more than 10 million downloads.

minichatOn the Apple store the video chat is called Minichat and has a different logo. It is provided by a partner company from OmeTV.

6. Can I use Ome TV in my country?

Ome is not allowed in all countries due to strict laws and religion that many states have. Nevertheless, it is also possible to use Ome TV in countries that have banned the app with the help of a VPN service.

7. Is Ome TV free?

The Ome video chat is for free, but is shows some advertisement. If you like a better user experience, Ome offers you a monthly VIP pass for 9,99 USD or 12.99 EUR. This VIP pass removes ads.

8. Is OmeTV part of Omegle?

No it is a independent video chat service, which is not related to Omegle, even if their branding uses similar colors.

9. Is the online chat safe for kids?

Children are advised not to use this app since it is not safe for them. The reason behind why OmeTV is not safe for children is because random video chats may expose mature content to the children. Ome, at some point, attracts a certain audience due to its anonymity . For instance, one of the users complained that most of the men are paired with tend to pleasure themselves on camera, therefore risking the children’s content.

Therefore, parents are asked to ensure that children stay away from this Ome TV. Those below 18 years should use the app only with parent guidance or permission, although the possibility of this occurring is minimal. Due to this possibility, parents are asked to regularly check their child’s phone and look out for the Ome.TV app.

Ome TV does not have parental control; therefore, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children are not among the users of the Ome. To protect kids from the dangers of Ome tv or similar chats like Chatroulette, Omegle or Chat Random, parents should educate kids that chatting with a stranger on such platform is risky. Parents can also go ahead and block people on the app, delete the OmeTV account or even protect, monitor and alert with parental control apps like Famisafe.

Ome TV quick start guide

It is easy to start using OmeTV. Here you find a simple instruction.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to use OmeTV?

  1. Visit their chat website

    Here is the link for their chat room website.

  2. Select your gender

    The user is also allowed to select a Ome.TV country he or she is interested in.
    ome tv

  3. Allow access to the webcam

  4. Finally click on start

  5. Connect your FB account

  6. Start chatting

    After you have logged in to the OmeTV app, you are can start a conversation with anyone you are interested in

  7. Change chat partners

    If you are interested in the partner paired with you then enjoy your conversation. If the Ome webcam video chat person you are connected to is not what you are looking for, you can exit and directly change to a new stranger.

In summary, OmeTV is fun in several ways. Most OmeTV app users enjoy the app because there are no charges paid for online chats since Ome.TV guarantees 100% free video chat. Many users of this app consider Ome fun because it allows one to have a new friend since OmeTV has got millions of users from each part of the world. Therefore, it is easy to find a friend with the features that fit you or with the same features as you.

The app is also fun to use because you meet strangers every day since there are over 10 million downloaders, and many active users. Most likely you will never see the same stranger again.

If you are lucky, you can also meet famous Instagram or Snapchat people on the web that use Ome. Besides that, most people enjoy the anonymity, new people, insights into other peoples lives and good conversations.

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