Omegle Customer Support in 2021 – incl. 7 Must-Know Tips to Avoid a Ban

Omegle customer support

Do you like chatting with strangers online? Then you’ve probably heard about Omegle — the most famous website for having conversations with random people in real-time for free. It sounds like a fun site, right? Not so fast…

Although Omegle is a great place to meet fun strangers, it’s also a website that has rules and if you break those rules, you can get banned. In fact, the website is currently infamous for how easily it bans users.

So if you want to have conversations on Omegle without worrying about getting banned, you have to learn the right way to use the platform.

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What’s the right way to chat on Omegle, you ask?

That’s what we will discuss in this post. We will explain the reasons why Omegle bans users, how long the bans typically last, and share 7 must-know tips to avoid getting banned.

Why Omegle Bans Users?

When users get banned on Omegle, it almost always boils down to one thing: a violation of the rules.

However, many people often don’t even know that they’ve done anything wrong, or at least nothing that’s worth reporting. The same can happen to you if you’re not familiar with Omegle’s policies.

Since the entire list of Omegle’s policies is too long to be discussed here, we will talk about the three most common reasons why Omegle users face bans.

1. Behaving Poorly

The goal of Omegle is to provide users with a safe environment in which they can meet people from all over the world, chat about topics that interest them, and make new friends.

In order to meet that goal, Omegle has an algorithm that monitors each user’s behavior on the platform. It automatically suspends any user who has a suspicious IP address or is flagged as engaging in unwanted behavior.

There are three main things that Omegle considers as unwanted behavior:

  1. Being racist, sexist, or abusive.
  2. Spamming, trolling, or engaging in any other form of activity that aims to waste other people’s time.
  3. Frequently dropping out in the middle of conversations. So if you have a weak internet connection that disconnects frequently, you’re likely to get banned.

2. Offending Other Users

The second most common reason people get banned on Omegle is because they are reported by another user. This typically happens when someone creates an abusive or harassing profile, or acts unkindly toward other users.

That being said, it’s important to remember that Omegle is a communal site where people come to chat and make new friends, — not fight people in real time. So as long as you follow the rules, you have nothing to worry about.

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3. Breaking a Rule You Didn’t Even Know Existed

If you have been banned from Omegle for apparently no reason, it’s likely that you’ve overlooked a rule or haven’t read the Omegle Terms and Privacy Policy in full. There are many rules in place, including the following:

  • Children under 13 are not allowed.
  • Teens under 18 can only join with their guardian’s permission.
  • Using bots to start automatic chats is forbidden.
  • Transmitting nudity or sexually harassing anyone leads to a permanent ban.
  • Publicizing other peoples’ private information is not allowed.
  • Making statements that defame or libel anyone is not tolerated.
  • Violating intellectual property rights leads to an immediate ban.

So if you haven’t already, read the entire list of Omegle Terms and Privacy Policy to ensure you know what’s allowed and what can lead to a ban.

How Long the Bans on Omegle Typically Last

Omegle’s ban length varies by the alleged reason for the ban. For instance, a first time offender typically receives a short ban which lasts up to 5 days. Whereas, a repeat offender may be banned anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

The worst bans are for those who commit a severe policy violation, like being racist, sexist, or abusive. Such behavior often results in an immediate permanent ban.

7 Must-Know Tips that Will Ensure You Don’t Get Banned on a chat room

By following the advice shared in these seven tips, you can minimize your chances of getting banned from Omegle.

1. Know the Rules and Act Accordingly

As we discussed earlier, Omegle has a set of rules and policies that you must abide by. If you break any of those rules, it won’t be long until you get banned.

So it’s a smart idea to familiarize yourself with the official list of Omegle’s Terms and Policies to ensure you can always act according to the rules.

2. Don’t Be Rude

When people report you, a ban is highly likely. The best way to prevent that from happening is by always being nice to other people and trying to have a real conversation with them.

3. Get a Stable Internet Connection

Imagine this. You’re chatting with a stranger online. You start to like them. The conversation is going great. But, all of a sudden, they just leave the chat because their connection dropped. In such a scenario, you would have no idea why the other user left and you will likely feel bummed out.

That’s why Omegle bans people with poor internet connections as they ruin the experience for other users.

So if your net connection is unstable, you should get it fixed.

4. Strike Up Interesting Conversations

Another reason Omegle bans people is because no one wants to chat with them. For instance, if a user (like yourself) gets dropped out of more than two conversations in a row, the Omegle algorithm assumes they’re doing something wrong and as a result, it automatically imposes a short ban.

To prevent that from happening to you, we recommend adding the topics you’re interested in to find people who share your interests and are more likely to chat longer with you.

5. Avoid Using Restricted Words

Omegle has a dictionary of restricted words. If you use any of those words too often, you will be banned automatically. So learn them all and replace them with alternative words whenever possible.

6. Make Sure There’s No Music Playing In the Background

Playing music in the background means you might be violating the author law — which is not allowed on Omegle as it can lead to a lawsuit.

7. Never Use Offensive Language

Whether a user is being rude to you or a troll is trying to bait you into saying something offensive, always take the high road. Trust us, saying what you want to say in the heat of the moment is not worth a ban, especially since you can just report the user, close the chat, and move on to the next!

After following the advice mentioned in the seven tips we just discussed, if you still get banned and have no idea why, appeal to the support team and ask them for a ban removal. They will either state the reason you got banned or apologize and remove the ban if it’s a mistake on their end.

Where to find the Omegle customer support?

Unfortunatly Omegle chat doesn’t have a traditional customer support service and they don’t have many options if someone wants to contact them. The only thing you could do if you are having an issue, is to leave a feedback to the Omegle integrated messaging system on their Omegle website.

You can find it on the bottom of the Omegle’s site – Send feedback to the Omegle staff. Provide your email, type your message and send the feedback. Hopefully you will get an answer soon. But we found out, that this option is not much responsive.


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Omegle FAQ – self service

So, you can’t really get in touch with their experts. The only thing that could maybe help you when you have a question or issue is the articles that can be found on their official site. There are many articles that teach different stuff regarding the usage of the online chat. So, let’s hope, you will be able to find the answer you need. Another way to get your questions answered, or at least try to find an answer is the FAQs about Omegle. There are many answered questions; maybe you will find your solution to your issue here too.

Omegle on Facebook & Twitter

Omegle has a social network accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Also, people can connect their Facebook profile to the chat in order to provide more information if they want. So, on these social accounts, people may be able to find some answers about issues, but certainly not so detailed.

Omegle customer support review

Omegle is an online chat that allows people from America to chat with someone randomly picked. This chat is actually a great way to find new friends and enjoy a great talk with a stranger. The chat is anonymous and your identity is totally safe, only if you want to reveal it to someone. Also, you can escape from the chat whenever you want. Omegle gives people an option to add their interests in order to hook them up with somebody that has similar ones. But, this is not necessarily required.

So, when we get all the Omegle information from above together, the conclusion about Omegle chat is that they don’t have a customer support service or a number where customers can get in touch with them. Therefore, it is very difficult to find Omegle support on your questions, but you can find further information in the Omegle FAQ. Good luck and lots fun on the free chat Omegle.

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      1. Hello Aaliyah, I just had the same problem. I didn’t hack too and didn’t do anything sexual just as you.
        Do you think that there is a way to mail the costumer service from Omegle because I don’t know how to get through them.

  2. I want to know who runs Omegle and remind them of their hypocrisy. If you want to know the proper way to run a public chatroom, contact me and I’ll gladly give you the advice you need. Until then, you might be better off shutting Omegle down once and for all.

    1. Hi. Not any banning problems here but I would like to know how to fix a technical issue. The problem is that I can see myself but can’t see other people (they also can’t see me). I’ve looked at many solutions but they’re either too complicated or just simply don’t work. Their screens are just black with no option to fix/change anything. I would appreciate if you found a solution for me just like I see countless other people on Omegle needing the same. Thank you.

    2. hey. someone has me on video and was like if u dont show me something i will post it on web. im scared. what do i do?

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    1. Hi brian! I am currently suffering from the same issue. Not calling people that, but I got banned for no reason. I was wondering how long you were banned for before it was lifted? Thanks.

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    Please delete my number

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    I hope you can resolve these issues as omegle, when used right, is a very entertaining sight to spend free time whilst alone. I would like to continue using your site but with the extreme amount of captcha surveys, it is unusable.
    Many thanks.

  8. Omegle needs to fix their banning system. I was banned only because people kept disconnecting from me because I didn’t want to sext. I don’t think innocent people should be banned, the staff in omegle really should look at this.

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    Can you send me the last 20 chats i had with people? Because I am trying to contact someone and I cant find their contacts because I didn’t save them. I hope you can help me with that.

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    If this site is supposed to be non-sexual chat friendly then why is it I am banned for defending myself against idiot kids who only want to masturbate?

    1. your snapchat name was probably added by someone who didnt like you and visited the site. How would you like omegle to remove your name if 1. they dont know who you are 2. dont know who put it up.

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    i got banned probably for cussing and asking for nudes.
    im sorry for what i did. i love ur website. its where most my friends came from.
    Please un ban me. i apologize for what i said.
    i cant live without omegle. please read my comment.
    im so sorry.
    when i got banned i started crying.
    i hope u understand.

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  23. Hello there, I really love your site. However, I just got banned and I have no idea why. I don’t think I said anything bad, maybe a swear word, but it never got me banned before. Didn’t do anything inappropriate. Why did it happen, then?

  24. Over the past year and a half I have gotten random adds by my snapchat username. I added a few and asked how they got my username as I have a private account. They said it was given to them on Omegle with the promise of exchanging nude photos. THIS IS NOT ME! Whoever is using this website to trick people is using my name and snapchat information. I need it to stop. Omegle’s privacy policy states: “Do not…publicize other peoples’ private information.” Someone is in direct violation of this. Fix it.

  25. I have never used Omegle and someone is wrongly giving out my WhatsApp number on Omegle and I have been receiving disturbing messages video call requests for the past 2 days. I have tried reporting and blocking them on WhatsApp .. but I don’t understand why Omegle is not keeping a track of it’s users.
    I need you to ban whoever is doing all this and take strict action.
    I demand that the Customer care team to respond to my complaint by the mail provided. I have screenshots of disgusting advances made by strangers claiming to have chatted with me on Omegle.

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    all i do is singing

  30. i got a message saying “You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network.” but i didnt do anything but if its possible can you unban me please?

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