Top Omegle Alternatives in 2021

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Many user are looking for a Omegle alternative to get a diversified video chatting experience. We present you Top Omegle like websites so that you enjoy even more exciting video chats, talks to strangers and meeting new friends.

Every friend you have was once a stranger, yet chatting with a stranger seems very difficult. Talking to strangers is a necessity in life. We talk to strangers when seeking help, making friends, and finding love. The next time you talk to a stranger, be aware that there are no strangers but friends we have not yet met.

There are various platforms that we can use to talk to strangers both online and offline. Advancement in technology has made the world a global village, and you can communicate with any person in any part of the world at your convenience.

Omegle is the pioneer and leading video chat site. It remains one of the best platforms to meet strangers as it is simple, popular, free and private. Till today it remains the best video chatting site for meeting strangers. 

Are you bored and looking for new apps like Omegle to pass your free time?

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most popular chat websites besides Omegle. So, have fun exploring the other video chats as well.

Tip: In general, you should be careful with video chat platforms and use common sense. Especially when chatting with strangers, it is difficult to know how the other person will behave. If you are confronted (involuntarily) with bare skin, insults and other behavioral problems, you should stop the chat immediately.

Top 8 Omegle Alternatives

1. Emerald Chat considers itself an one of the best alternatives to Omegle. They have contiously thousands of people live, one of popular Omegle alternatives. Once you’re signed up, you are ready to go.

Emerald Chat Pros

  • Emerald Chat enables you to tag preferences based on your profile so you can match well with chat partners
  • text-only chat modes or video chat mode
  • Group chat modes
  • You can share videos and pictures during the chat
  • In order to deal with any conflicts between users, moderators are always available.
  • Karma ratings improve user responsibility.
  • Chat claims to be bot free, but you have frequent captcha checks to avoid bots

Emerald Chat Cons

  • Only premium subscribers have access to all functions.
  • You need to pay to be a confirmed users and to access extra filters based on gender and karma ranking
  • Gold members pay $3.89 a month.

2. Chatrandom – a true Omegle Alternative

Chatrandom is a really common site that offers connections to users all over the world, very similar site to Omegle. It offers various additional features, including a location filter and a fun 4-cam chat room feature.

Chatrandom Pros

  • The chat website is well designed and easy to understand
  • No signup or registration required

  • The 4-cam feature allows you to connect with 4 people simultaneously, which can be quite messy but fun.

  • Select your conversation interest and even you prefered gender.

  • Abusive users can be reported for a limited number of times.

Chatrandom Cons

  • Premium packs cost for Chatrandom 6.99 dollars a week, or 19.99 dollars a month.
  • Many advertisements for free users.
sites like ChatRandom


3. TinyChat – another site like Omegle

TinyChat is around since 2000 and has had millions of users over the years. It is another interesting Omegle like websites, which has a popular user base.

TinyChat Pros

  • It has chat rooms with specific topics like gaming, philosophy, fitness etc. where many users can join
  • Chat rooms get quite good discussions ongoing
  • You can even create your own chat room
  • Possible to report inappropriate content on TinyChat
  • You can link your account with Facebook or use it anonymously

TinyChat Cons

  • HD content and full-screen viewing can only be viewed by paying customers.
  • If you like to promote your chat room, you need to pay a small fee


4. ChatKi

ChatKi  is another Omegle clone and even their color branding looks very similar. You can start chatting without login, but after changing the chat settings ChatKi keeps asking for registering a account via Facebook or Email. Overall it is one of the better instant random video chat sites.

ChatKi Pros

  • More than 7 million users registed to ChatKi
  • You can easily select your gender 
  • It supports high resolution webcam streaming
  • The chat is only for users 18 plus
  • You can enter your interests and ChatKi will try to match it with your chat partners
  • You have a report button to flag someone who violates the chat rules

ChatKi Cons

  • It has a girls chat section, where you need to verify your age and register. It seems to be a paid webchat.
  • Some users report you and if you collect a few chat bans you are betting blocked
sites like omegle


5. Shagle – another Omegle Alternative

Among Omegle alternatives, Shagle is a good one. The platform has over 3 million registered users. You have a country selector and can talk to specific countries. Furthermore you can give small digital gifts as expression of your love to other users.

Shy people would love the masking option of Shagle, which lets you cover your eyes automatically.

Shagle Pros

  • over 3 million registered chat partners
  • you can start chatting without registering
  • you have some funny overlays
  • it almost looks same to ChatKi from the interface and functions

Shangle Cons

  • To join their full spectrum of members in over 200 countries, you have to sign up for premium.
  • Premium memberships cost 6.99 dollars a week, or 19.99 dollars a month.

6. Chatroulette

Chatroulette is one of the best alternative Omegle platforms. The website was launched in 2009, and even without advertisements, this site became viral among people.

Features like “Filtered chat” allows you to take all the thing out, which you normally don’t want to see.

chatroulette alternative

Chatroulette Pros:

  • You can use it directly without any registration or signup
  • Anyone having basic computer knowledge can easily use ChatRoulette.

Chatroulette Cons:

  • The page is kept very simple without advanced functions

  • Lacks category options to choose location, interests, age, and much more.


7. Shagle

Shagle is another popular random video chat website with a variety of features and an appealing homepage.  The video chat allows you to choose your preference. This helps to get better chat partners matching your interest. It is a recommended Omegle like app, which allows you to talk to strangers easily.

In addition, you can also filter users. Another useful feature of Shagle is that it offers chat templates, making it easy for a user to start a conversation.

video chat site

Shagle Pros:

  • Personal information is not required. You stay private all the time

  • Includes filter option to select your preference.

  • The user interface is nicely designed and easy to understand.

  • Readily available in many countries.

  • The website has a membership option whereby you qualify to enjoy premium features such as sending rewards to your friends.

Shagle Cons:

  • You can block abusive users only for a limited number of times.

  • Sometimes the video quality is poor.

  • There is no mobile app, but the website works just fine


8. TinyChat

Another one of the best sites like Omegle on the list is TinyChat. TinyChat was launched in 2000. But currently, it is one of the most visited websites like Omegle. People can find thousands of chatrooms to communicate with people of their interest.

It offers a variety of features, which includes creating virtual rooms. In virtual rooms, the admin has the authority to add new people and remove any user from the virtual chat room. This website allows its users to watch live streams or videos provided by different chat rooms that they may want to join.

similar to omegle

TinyChat Pros:

  • High-speed chat room service with a user-friendly interface

  • Variety of features to make your experience better

  • Super easy to start a chat on this website

TinyChat Cons:

  • Signup is mandatory

  • Only the premium users can access all features of this website

  • Account creation is too complicated, and people may find it challenging to sign up

Tips on how to talk to strangers

  • You can begin a chat room by asking what your chat partner does and what interests them most. If they e.g. love listening to music, talk about the best music.
  • Kepp the chat conversation exciting and interesting. Online strangers get a lot of messages and you need to be creative and differentiated to maintain attention.
  • Detach yourself from the outcome. Strangers may not necessarily respond to your messages. You should therefore be prepared for any outcome by lowering your expectations.
  • Put up with rejection. Not all strangers will accept you. If you are rejected, don’t take it personally.
  • Be a good listener. Develop your listening skills. When the online stranger is describing their interest limits, and inspirations, listen to them carefully. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine yourself in their position.
  • Look for common interest. Break the ice between you two video chatters. If you all love football, talk about a recent football match would help connect the two of you.
  • Don’t overthink. Talking to strangers is very intimidating at times. When your identity a stranger that you want to talk to, relax, be yourself, approach them, and begin that conversation.

And more chat websites…


Chatspin it is a random chat app that gives the user a lot of control to enhance their experiences while chatting with strangers. The Omegle like app aims at connecting people all over the world. Chatspin has additional features such as text chat and full-screen video chats that improve your chatting experience with strangers. There are also private chat rooms, where you can invite others. You need to be 18 to join. is an chat app that helps you find new people and have an enjoyable conversation with them. The app uses GPS to provide you with several profiles within your location. To begin a conversation, tap on a profile and chat with them directly.

The app does not require strangers to create an account before they start sending or receiving messages. has a shuffle feature that allows you to connect with online strangers. You can create an anonymous profile about yourself to personalize the chat room experience.


Waplog offers one of the relaxed ways to interact and meet with strangers. It has a feature that enables you to search strangers by looking at their photos, location, and suggested friends. You can download an video app for both Android and Apple.


Holla is another random video chat app for android and IOS users. It has a unique search option that helps the user to search and interact with strangers of their interest and gender from all over the globe.

You can earn gems by by inviting friends, smiling in the camera and being nice to strangers. With gems you then can send messages to chat partners after the chat room closed.


Qeep has more than 20 million real chat users enrolled and over 15.000 user every day. Using this online stranger chatting app, one can view and share pictures to your stranger friend.

It offers a matching feature similar to Tinder, where both parties can  swipe to the right to show that you like them. There is also a super swipe feature, where the other user is called to your attention.


Snapchat is the best free video chat app for sharing instant videos and images. Strangers can send multimedia snaps that will be stored for 24 hours. Snapchat allows strangers to form snap groups of up to 32 people. Through Snapchat, strangers can conveniently share every bit of their day with their friends.

The following are the key features that make strangers enjoy chatting:

– Strangers can create a snap group to have fun with their friends.

– Snapchat allows strangers to video call up to 16 people at a time and audio call 32 people.

– Strangers can also share short video clips and instant snaps.

– Strangers can also play snap games that will help bond their relationship.

There are many sites like Omegle, but it remains classic

Chats like Omegle are getting quite popular during the Pandemic. It is very exciting to meet different people from around the world, specially now as we cannot leave our homes.

Random videochat sites provide the opportunity to get some distraction of daily life and find good entertainment. Or, if they people are lucky, find their romantic partners.

Nevertheless, if you want to find your next girlfriend, we strongly recommend to use dating sites. Or go out into real life instead of using chat platforms like Omegle, Chat Roulette or Shangle.

I hope you find some inspriration and try different chat sites. If you have any other Omegle-like websites, you can leave a comment and we add them to the list. Enjoy chatting!

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