How to contact Instagram customer service? Publish a complaint in 2021

This article provides value information on the available Instagram customer service. Normal user and larger influencer receive different Instagram customer services.

Famous influencer on Instagram are good targets for hackers. They try to gain ownership of your account, or to steal your identity, perhaps to promote their own agenda.

If you hang out with the right communities on Facebook, you’ll see regular updates from Instagram influencers requesting support to retake ownership of their accounts.

Instagram does not have an official escalation route for influencers. Along with the thousands of users with no profile picture and 0 followers sending requests, your escalation attempts across the regular channels would get lumped.

This means that the murky unofficial networks are your best bet. This consist of identifying an entity with an Instagram touch, most commonly a friend or a person who on behalf of their company has had to communicate with Instagram, such as an employee at a major advertisement partner.


Instagram customer service

Instagram Phone Number & Instagram Email

They have a direct phone number instagram and email

  1. Email:
  2. Instagram customer service phone number is +1 (650) 543-4800

Please be aware, that it is difficult to get a human response. It’s quick to email Instagram and give it a try. The problem is that getting a comment back, is very difficult. Knowing all of your options for making progress with Instagram customer service is critical.


Get Instagram help via the app

  • Open the window and then, in the bottom-right corner, press the home button.
  • In the top-right corner, tap the parallel lines.
  • At the bottom of the Instagram menu, tap “Settings”
  • On the next line, press ‘Support’.
  • Select “Help Center” and you can browse by subject from there, focusing in on the topic at hand.

Why is the Instagram service support not highly responsive?

Unfortunately, the Instagram customer service is limited for a normal Instagram user. That’s hard to hear, I know, but it’s the unfortunate expense of a free app. That means that if one of the 700 million users on Instagram has a problem, it’s not a high priority concern. They’re not going to put a very high effort for your account. For Instagram, it is better to just ignore the dilemma and focus on a new money-making influencer support.


Instagram customer support


How to get help from Instagram via the website?

You can use your Instagram username on a computer to go through several of the same steps as before, but actually typing  into your navigation bar is the easiest way to get to the help centre. You search for your answer from there.


Why contacting Instagram customer service is a challenge?

Instagram has over 700 million subscribers and is staggering with the amount of support requests they receive.

Now some of you may say,’ oh, that’s just 700 requests for help every hour, which could be a doable for an organisation with the wealth of Facebook.

We realise it’s not a simple issue; often non-automatable issues that just can’t be solved for many many users of a free app.

But at the same time the much smaller slice of influencers and content developers with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers surely get faster support services and considerations.


How to report Spam on Instagram

If you see a Instagram post you think violates the rules, whether it’s spam or inappropriate, just tap the top right of the post with the three little dots, press “Report,” and then pick the reason.


Help center guide for Instagram

Via the Support Center, you can also report problems. Reporting a particular complaint is the easiest way to get active support from Instagram.

  • Go to, swipe on
  • Scroll down at the right, and then press Support.
  • Click the Privacy and Protection Core button on the left-hand menu.
  • Click “Alert Something”
  • Tap on the sort of problem you face.
  • Look for an Instagram link that allow to report it
  • Each complaint topic has a particular form to fill out.


If you are not satisfied with Facebook’s customer service, you can leave a comment below.

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  1. dear instagram 
    you have disabled my account because you accuse me of violating your rules.
    my account had news posts about the Albanian vip and opposition, where we live and many other interesting things, and you’ve deactivated it without cause. with almost a chance you can get it back.

    dear instagram
     my account has been disabled because you accuse me of violating your law in the instagram I have read your rules carefully but none of the rules comply with my breach or infringement.
    in this account are posted funny pictures and videos and you are accusing me because I posted something that matches with pornography and it does not match my account you are accusing me of being unjust. 
    for a long time I could not get into that account and you are not giving me an answer. with few opportunities you have to check and verify my account to activate it again.
    Dear instagram, I do not have a personal photo posted on my site, you have deactivated my account because you accuse me of violating your rules. my account had news posts about VIP and the albanian opposition, where we live and many other interesting things, and you have disabled it for no reason. with almost a chance you can turn it back on. please help me reset my account

    please return my account I will not violate any rules I promised again
    Please help.

    Thank you

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