How to get unbanned from Omegle in 2021

How to get unbanned from Omegle with VPN

Omegle is a free online chat website that connects users randomly, allowing them to text or video chat each one on one. It really is a great way to meet strangers.

But Omegle website has rigorous policies put in place to keep it fairly safe and user friendly. Violations of these policies may result in users been banned unexpectedly from Omegle.

Why am i banned on Omegle?

In this article, I will take you through a step by step guide on how to get unbanned from Omegle. Although there are a few ways to get unbanned, the easiest way to get unbanned from the video chat service is to use a method that you might already have: a VPN. 

Oh, no concerns. We share how to get “unbanned” in this post. It happens all the time to many users.

So don’t worry, we get you unblocked soon.

omegle ban

Time needed: 4 minutes.

How to get unbanned from Omegle without VPN?

  1. Switch your router on and off

    Omegle bans your IP and restarting your router might get you a fresh IP address.

  2. Delete your cookies in your web browser

    Omegle sets a cookie, so you need to delete it. Otherwise Omegle website might recognize you even with new IP adress

  3. Now go to Omegle and try it again

    If it does’t work, use the Wlan from friends or neighbors.

  4. Sign-up for trial VPN service

    If it really brothers you and you cannot chat, go and do yourself something good and sign-up to a quality VPN service like from VPNcity* with 7 days free trials.

  5. Connect to VPNcity server

    After determining the VPN provider that you will use, install and activate the VPN on your device. Quickly connect to a VPN server and change your IP address.

  6. Log on to Omegle

    Once you connect to the VPN server, log on to the Omegle website and start a new text or video chat. In case of another Omegle ban, switch the VPN servers and ensure that you receive a new IP address again.

  7. Troubleshoot your connection

    In case your VPN does not reverse your Omegle ban, here are a few guidelines that you should use to troubleshoot your connection and be able to reconnect to Omegle.

    Clear your browser cookie history– Omegle will always leave a cookie on your browser when you visit. Therefore before using your new IP address through a VPN, always clear out your cookies and browsing history.

    Use a different browser– try using a different internet browser or connect to Omegle using incognito mode. Using a new browser on your VPN ensures that Omegle will not identify you.

    Use a static IP address– Omegle can also prolong your ban mainly when you use popular VPN IP addresses easily blocked. The barrier, however, can be overcome by using a dedicated IP address that cost more.

    Use another internet access like from friends
    Omegle only identifies you through your IP address; therefore, connecting via another network will enable you to access Omegle.

    Omegle does not have the criteria of identifying you and can only use the IP address. Therefore, Omegle banned users can connect from another private location, such as a friend’s house with a public WIFI connection.

Omegle ban

Still struggeling to get back to your favorite video chat room? Then find here our FAQ on all topics around the Ome chat ban.

How to get unbanned on Omegle FAQ

Why do I got blocked from Omegle video chat in first place?

Many users ask, why am I banned on Omegle? Some of the reasons as to why Omegle bans users include:

Reported by other users– recently Omegle removed their report feature. Too many users reported others without real reason leading to frustration. So be assured that none of your chat partners is guilty of you being banned.

Overlooking Omegle’s policies- Omegle has a set of guidelines that every user should follow. The rules are stipulated in Omegle’s terms and privacy policies. Some of these rules include: Omegle forbids sexual harassment, publishing other people’s personal information, Sharing nudes pictures, violation of intellectual property rights, etc.

Unreliable internet connection– an unstable internet connection can result in frequent dropping of chats on Omegle. Omegle system interprets the frequent drop of connections as spam, and this leads to an automatic ban.

Your Chat Partners pass by very frequently
Omegle will take notice and gets suspicious. The Omegle algorithm might assume that you are not a very polite chat room partner.
​You have broken the copyright terms and conditions
Violating Omegle’s terms and conditions is a reasonably simple job. You might be even banned if you have copyrighted songs or movies playing in the background while you talk.

How long does a Omegle ban last?

Be patient – An Omegle ban can last anywhere from a few days to four months, depending on the violation.

If you are the patient type, you can wait until your ban period is over and Omegle lifts the ban.

In Omegle, a first-time offense of the policies will result in a one week ban, while a repeat of a violation may result in a three-month ban.

Violations such as racism and the transmission of nude pictures may attract a lifetime Omegle ban.

How does the Omegle ban work technically?

Omegle simply monitors your IP address and bans it. A VPN unbans you from Ome by granting you a new IP address.

An IP address is like the address of your home. It identifies you within your country, similar as the IP address identifies you within the internet.

So it is like Omegle saying no video chat anymore with this IP. Furthermore they put a cookie into your browser history, which they read out, once you visit their Omegle website again.

What is the easiest way to get unblocked from Omegle?

Easiest way to get unbanned on Omegle, is to restart your router and delete your cookies from your browsing history.

If this does not work, use a VPN service. A VPN keeps changing your IP address with  just one click and allows your realy anonymous browsing.

For Omegle you look like a new user now, all history forgotten.

Which VPN is recommended to get unblocked from Omegle?

You will find 100rds of VPN providers on the internet.
There are many good and fast ones and they all cost allmost the same, which is around 2-4 USD per month on a 2 years plan.

One excellent VPN provider is called VPNcity. They offer you a risk-free 7 days trial and you can quit anytime. No questions asked.

I recommend it and use it myself for many years.omegle ban

What are other advantages of an VPN?

The VPN will also act as your internet connection protector by encasing in it a layer of encryption and keeping it safe from snooping eyes.

The following features enable a VPN to reverse an Omegle ban:

1. VPN security features – VPN providers utilize a bit-encrypted level of protection that that is not cracked. Information that passes to and from your devices is encrypted and is only accessible by the intended recipients.

2. No throttling policy– the feature provides a faster internet connection to allowing you to visit Omegle very quickly.

3. No logging policy– VPN providers do not keep any of your data hence keeping your identity anonymous.

Which are other recommended VPN services?

Omegle bans users based on their IP address. The fastest way to reverse an Omegle ban is to change your IP address using a virtual private network that can hide your location and provide you with a new IP address.

Some of the best VPN besides my VPNcity recommendation to get unbanned from Omegle include:

Express VPN
It is the best VPN to reverse an Omegle ban because it has countless fast servers hiding your IP address. When using Express VPN, your location data will always be secure via the zero logs policy and the automatic kill switch.

Nord VPN
It is a global network of servers that guarantees high speeds since it has no overcrowding of users. It has unique features such as the quick connect feature that searches for the best server to use. This ensures that you can quickly get connected to Omegle and send your messages to your friend.

It offers you a wide variety of unlimited connections. The VPN enables you to share a single message with all your Omegle friends. Moreover, surfshark comes with various security and privacy features that boost your online safety when using Omegle.

It is a global network of servers that offers a high speed of over 26 Mbps, making it very useful in chatting on Omegle. The VPN has more than 6000 servers in more than 90 nations. It has a 24\7 hour customer care service that responds to you through live chat and email.

If you have any more questions how to get unbanned on Omegle or if you feel like you got banned for no reason, please leave your comment below.



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