How to enable your deactivated Instagram account in 2021?

instagram account disabled

To sum it up in 5 simple steps, here’s how to reactivate your deactivated Instagram account: 

Now just to save you the time, if  your Instagram account was deleted, there is no way to get it back. There is no hope to reactivate deleted accounts.

If you have violated the laws of Instagram, your account might be only deactivated.  When you log into your Instagram account and you see the error message below, then take these simple steps to reactivate your disabled Insta account.

5 Steps to reactivate your Insta profile:

STEP 1: You’ll get a new window advising you that your account has been disabled for violating our terms of Instagram. A link indicating “let us know” is at the bottom of the document. Only press it. 

Insta account deactivated

STEP 2: Now, a window would open that states, “If you think your account has been disabled by mistake…” Pick [Yes] if you’re deactivating Instagram account is with a corporation, or [No] if it’s your personal account. 

STEP 3:  Go ahead, then, and fill out the details as requested. The second text area on your profile is your Instagram username (see photo below). “Pick “United States” as your country if you are based outside the U.S. Insta has a problem with foreigners, evidently, NOTE: Simply skip it and apply the form. That’s what played out for me.

STEP 4:  Crossing our fingers, you should get an Instagram email within a couple of hours telling you to take a photo of yourself, all handwritten with random numbers, your account name and your name. Do it straight away!  Then, you’ll get an Instagram email telling you to provide the proof you were meant to provide in #5 above. Immediately do so! 

STEP 5: Repeat steps 1 to 5 two or three times a day if there is no luck. For up to 14 days, we’re going to spam Instagram and do this!  

Oh, good luck!


8 Other Reactivation Tipps for your deactivate Instagram account 

If the method above doesn’t succeed, don’t give up. Your account can take up to 14 days to reactivate! Try the following to help/accelerate the reactivation of your account:

Twitter to the Instagram Support Account

On their official Twitter account, contact Instagram Support: @igofficialhelp

Never give up

If your account isn’t reactivated for any reason, don’t give up! Only do it a couple of times, like me.

I had another account I was able to log in. Please note that this solution would not work if you only have one Instagram account.

Frist I tapped on the upper right-hand wheel icon on the main page of my personal account. Then I pressed ‘Report a Problem’ from there, and then ‘Something Isn’t Working’. Finally, I typed in my questions at that time, and they replyed back to me.

Prove that your are the right owner of your Instagram account

It’s critical that you reveal an account that doesn’t work with @NAMEOFBUSINESS in the post. I was lucky because the Instagram business account was connected to our Facebook business account of the same name. Then it was easy to show that the brand and hence the page were rightfully owned by us. 

I first received an email response from IG asking me to display evidence that I owned the label, so I presented Articles of Training and a Declaration of Brand Ownership. Within 30 minutes of sending my first post, I got a reply from Instagram Support. And the next day, my Instagram company account was reactivated.

Keep complaining on Twitter about your Insta account deactivation

On Twitter, two individuals emailed me saying my Instagram account was deactivated and that their email had not been replied to by Instagram. Almost daily, they kept moaning. They’ve tagged #Instagram and @instagram with each post. Instagram reactivates their accounts 2 weeks later. Maybe Instagram is silently following posts from Twitter?

Try to log in Instagram from different devices

As mentioned in the connection below, try logging in from a different user. If you don’t have any convenient phone (your sister’s, girlfriend’s, parents’, etc.), then attempt to log in to your device.

Ask the Facebook help group

Ask for support from the Facebook Help Group. Since Facebook owns Instagram, employees of Facebook also track and address group questions. It seems highly worthwhile to ask for support there.

Start a new Instagram account

If you have taken all the above steps and have an instagram account disabled for more than 2-3 weeks, then you will only need to build a new account. You don’t want to hear that, I mean, so you don’t get any satisfaction from keeping an active Insta account?

Write an email to the Insta support team

For assistance, send a request to the Instagram email at 

Proof of Success from people, who managed to reactivate their Insta accounts 

Here are Proof of Success story of persons who have reactivated their accounts:

instagram account reactivated

Please share it below if you have any concerns, suggestions, tips or reviews.

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