How To Be More Attractive To Girls?

how to be more attractive to girls

Attractiveness is not something that just happens to you. What we mean is you aren’t just born with the sexiest physical features and most attractive personality. You develop overtime to be more attractive to girls. Here is a starter guide on how to be more attractive to girls.

Here are some examples to prove our point. Imagine if Jason Momoa was obese and had an ugly beard, would he be considered as sexy as he is right now? Or imagine if Brad Pitt was so shy that he couldn’t even say hi to a girl, would he be considered equally attractive to the Brad Pitt we all know? Imagine if Bill Gates had low resources, would he be able to get it on with as many chicks as he can now?

As I can tell by the sound of your laughter, you’ve guessed the correct answer. What’s mentioned above makes it very clear that you don’t just get to be attractive, but you can do something about it.

In this post, we’re going to help you become your own version of Jason Momoa and Brad Pitt. If you’re interested in becoming the most attractive version of yourself or a much more attractive version of yourself compared to right now, keep reading.

Tip#1 Workout to be more attractive to girls

Girls perceive guys who work out much more attractive compared to guys who don’t. The reasons for this difference in attraction are very obvious, guys who workout are more strong, fit, sexy, and active than guys who don’t.

Tip#2 Use a Trimmer To Be More Attractive To Girls

This step involves throwing the razor in the trash and buying a good trimmer. The reason for this action is that according to studies girls find guys with a subtle beard as most attractive.

They like guys with a stubble more than a guy with clean shaves, and much more than the most macho guys with their Lumberjack beard.

Tip#3 Make her laugh and flirt with girls

Most girls say they find a good sense of humor to be the highest quality in a guy. We’re not saying girls always do what they say, but if they’re saying this feature has the highest value, it means they probably value it a ton.

become attractive to girls

Tip#4 Become a nice guy To Be More Attractive To Girls

There is a saying that nice guys finish last. The saying is completely false! Here is the truth nice guys who are socially awkward or have some other very undesirable quality finish last!

Since assholes with bad social skills or some other totally undesirable quality are not even a tiny bit better than the version of the nice guys we’ve described above, it means that nice guys don’t finish last. Because the guy who finishes last is the one that has the same attributes plus is an asshole.

To further support the claim that it’s not bad to be nice but actually good, we’re going to reference a study.

The University of Guelph and Nipissing University conducted the study. They involved 800 men, and they noticed that guys who were polite and helpful got laid much more than guys who were, let’s just say, not polite and helpful.

Tip#5 Hang out with your friends more often To Be More Attractive To Girls

People appear more attractive when they’re hanging out in groups. There are two reasons behind it. One is people like social people. When you’re hanging around with a group of friends, girls will notice that you’re not a lonely loser and your chances of getting it on will increase.

The second reason is that people appear more attractive in group photos than in single shots. Studies and scientists referred to this as the Cheerleader Effect.

The Cheerleader Effect works best with a group of 4 and above. It’s still better to have someone in the photo, but the impact of the Cheerleader Effect won’t be the same.

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Tip#6 Walk a dog To Be More Attractive To Girls

When talking about wingmen, don’t forget the man’s best friend. Seriously, when it comes to wingmen, a dog is literally men’s (not women’s) best friend.

Here are the results of study done on the importance of a dog as a wingman. When a guy asked for a girl’s phone number on the street, he had 3 times more success when he was walking a dog compared to when he was alone.

Tip#6 Walk like you own it To Be More Attractive To Girls

Confidence is the most attractive personality trait one could hone. When you’re really confident, it doesn’t matter if you look like Steve Buscemi, you’re going to start feeling like Brad Pitt.

And you’re not just going to start feeling like Brad Pitt, you’re going to appear more like him as well. So we know why confidence is so important, let’s talk about how to show it.

You should take work on these two things. First wear clothes that make you feel confidence. The clothes should really shine your personality and they should fit you perfectly so you feel comfortable.

The second thing to work on is how you walk. Your walk can show to others how you’re feeling from inside. Whether you’re nervous, confident, energetic, low on energy, and much more can be measured by your walk.

To appear more confident and attractive, walk like you know what you’re doing. If you’re walking slowly, you shouldn’t feel like you’re dragging your feet instead you should feel and appear focused and energetic.

By taking these two steps you’ll start feeling and appearing much more confident, which will increase your confidence levels by leaps and bounds.

Tip#7 Take care of your Hygiene To Be More Attractive To Girls

A good hygiene makes a guy attractive for two main reasons. A good hygiene shows the guy is healthy and active. Both of these things make a guy appear sexy. A combination of both makes him appear much more sexy.

If you want to increase your attractiveness levels by a mile, start brushing your teeth, combing your hair, pressing your clothes, shaving your body hair, and more.

We are going to cover up this post now. By following most of these tips, you’re going to start feeling like the good version of Jason Momoa we described in the opening of this post.

Start by picking one or two and keep working until you’ve become good at them and be more attractive to girls. This is important because if you start improving everything at once, the chances are 99.99999999% (you get the jizz) you are going to fail.

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