Hotmail customer support

Hotmail customer support

Hotmail is a worldwide known company that provides online free email services. It has been united with Microsoft Company and now they are working together. And the Microsoft Company also provides the customer support for Hotmail, so everyone that will log in to their Microsoft account will be able to get a single use code in order to talk with the technicians. When it comes to the customer support of Hotmail, you can find many ways and options how to ask for their help in order to solve your issue.

Hotmail hotline

First and the most popular way everybody knows its contact number. We all reach for the phone in order to get information fast.

You can call 800-642-7676 or 1-877-778-8969 for the USA customers and get in touch with their customer support department. These two numbers are free.

But, it is very likely that you won’t get to talk to the experts, but you will hear only the automatic recordings. But they can be helpful if you listen to the directions.  If you don’t like this option anymore, because of the above mentioned reason, than you could turn to other more reliable sources of information.

Hotmail online customer support

Once you get to the official Hotmail site, you go on the Hotmail support option and you will get a dropping menu with options about possible issues. When you choose the option that fits your issue, you will get instructions and opportunity to find your issue among the answered once. Hope you will solve your problem in less than a minute. But, if your problem doesn’t fit in any of the given options, the Get Technician option is open for you. This option allows customers to leave their messages directly to the experts of the company and get answer very fast. The information that will be given to you will be reliable and given from an expert.

You can also send an email directly to the support office at

Hotmail support review

After a small research about the customer support reviews from the Hotmail customers, the conclusion is that this department isn’t doing its job properly. The customers are not always satisfied with the support. So, if you are having issues with your Hotmail account, you probably won’t get your solution through an Hotmail expert too fast and you will have to find it better by yourself. But, who knows, maybe it won’t be a bad thing if you try to contact them. Every experience is different and let’s hope that the Hotmail customer support service is not that bad at all.


  1. Unban me plz. I was banned for no reason if you could give me one reason why i was banned that would be great. Also, I didn’t do anything, and I’d love to be UN_BANNED

  2. um hi i have been on omegal for a few weeks now and it banned me for doing “inappropriate” things when i’m just siting there doing nothing and when men on there are jacking off when there are kids on there can you please unblock me i’m just trying to have fun for my summer break.

  3. so me and my friend were on omegle and we didn’t do anything wrong we are over 18 were very friendly to people.


  5. hi omegle last night i was on omegle making friends and out of no where it banned me i did not do anything inappropriate and i am not on your site to do anything but make new friends. if it is possible for you to reduce my banning that would be great, thanks.

  6. i was banned fro possibly bad behavior i was just sitting here talking to someone then boom banned i have proof of no bad behavior im live streaming and it has no bad behavior.

  7. Dear Omegle
    I am very disappointed with your website. I have only used Omegle a couple of times and I have used the texting option, me and my friends decided it would be fun to use the video option. As well as being called seven year old, fat and ugly, we also got blocked and we are not sure why. The message on the screen was as follows: “You have been banned from Omegle due to possible terms of service violations by you, or someone else using your computer or network.” We did absolutely nothing wrong and may never be able to use a fantastic app sure as Omegle.

  8. Hi, i didn’t break the rules and they suspended me, i can send them a capture so they can see, while other people Focus on walls, their genitals or some other parte of the body

  9. Hi I was wrongfully banned to were I can’t do anything on the site. It takes me too a white page and says banned for inappropriate behavior. I was lying down on my be just talking to people. I was telling a story to this person and the skipped me mid sentence, next thing i know I’m banned. If you could get back to me and maybe allow me too use the site again that would be very much appreciated.

  10. hey omegle, i was banned and i did nothing wrong but i did kept changing to different people constantly so the website thought i was a scammer or something. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fix that thanks.

  11. hi i got banned on omengle yesterday for unknown reasons at all it said that i got banned for inapropate behavirio but can you please unban me i would really aprechiate it

  12. DearOmegle, I was on website and i was siting with this person. And that person wanted to show my genital and I said no and then for some reason I got banned plss help. Plus Omegle has been helping me trough quarantine

  13. Omegle today I am very sad I was on Omegle and My laptop died so I ran to charge it than all of a sudden I open it and it says I’m banned I am very Angry that I got banned for nothing.

  14. Dear omegle, all I am asking for is for you to delete any trace of my friend being on omegle, you guys can keep the footage but we don’t want it to become accessible to others. She showed her body unwillingly and we just discovered that anyone can have access to see the footage, she is starting to experience mental illnesses and she is underage. Could you please make it almost impossible to access it would mean the world to us especially her.Thank you

  15. Hi Omegle. Hi Omegle, I just want to point out the fact i got banned for doing nothing. I dont know how long this ban will last but unfortunately now i have nothing to do over this lockdown period. I hope you can help me get back to chatting with others from around the world.

    Please get back to me quickly.

  16. Hello omegle why did u ban me? There was a guy who continuously abused me in the name of my ethnicity and religion if I responded him in same language what he understands then whts crime I committed plz let me know.

  17. Please unbann me. I seriously didn’t do anything wrong and I’m over all of the sexual shit that’s on there. I just want to talk to people on my free time. Please I’m begging you

  18. excuse me omegle i have been banned from your app for no reason i haven’t even done anything inappropriate yet you still banned disgraceful awful app one out of ten :{

  19. Hey Omegle, yesterday I was cosplaying and talking to people like any other person. I got banned for some reason and I don’t know why? I wasn’t doing anything sexual because that is not my thing, I was there to make friends but I don’t know why I got banned, can you please explain??

  20. Your computer/network is banned for possible bad behavior.

    You can still use Omegle, but only the unmonitored section. You must be 18 or older.

    (If you didn’t do anything wrong, sorry! Mistakes happen sometimes. Your ban won’t last forever.i did nothing aorry ALL 4 DAYS BANNES PLS UNBANNED ME

  21. Hi, i was banned from omegle today and it says for inapropriate, behaviour. but i dont understand what i did wrong, i had normal talks with people. i only swore once to tell people to go away after showing stuff that i didnt want to see. I have never done anything wrong and i got banned and there is people showing stuff when there are kids on that website, i would like to go back on to have appropriate conversations with stragers.

  22. I was banned for sitting on my chair trying to start a conversation.This some bullshit no cap fix your website and ban people who actually need to be banned

  23. hello omegle im sorry for whatever i did . even tho it was nothing i go on omegle has simple way to make friends id appraciate it if you can unban me

  24. hello i was banned in omegle but i did nothing wrong and i don’t know why you banned me so please i want to get back to the site because i use this site just for spend times and speak with people .
    thank you

  25. Hello Creators Of Omegle i was wondering around on omegle. Trying to find someone to chat with. Then i got band for offensev an inerpropeit im only 14 years old. Why would i do that????? Please get back to i want to be unbaned thank you

  26. omegle has been banning me for “sexual content” or some other bullshit for no reason. its pissing me off, if anyone even reads this shit, FIX YOUR BULLSHIT. this is the 25th time this has happened and all im doing is making conversation, running into kids that should be the ones getting banned and seeing retards on the wrong section, set your shit straight before everyone leaves and this turns into pornhub

  27. Uhm yes I have been banded for no reason while other people who are directly violating ur rules are still not banned and some are even able to access sensitive information about us and I don’t know maybe that is more important then banding someone for talking and asking “Hi, how are you” like honestly you guys need to reread your code of conduct because this is madness and frankly very annoying and will not be put up with so please band people who deserve it and not people like me as we are wrongful accused of false narratives made by other and I will not stay silence as a Black Gay Trans-Women I already struggle enough as it is in this rascal country so if you can please stop banding me I would appreciate that because Omegle (your sight that keeps banding me for unreasonable/implausible accusations) is the only place I can go to meet new people during this pandemic and make new friends to help with my Bipolar Depression and anxiety nonetheless this sites helps me in several ways and I would really like it you can unban me as soon as you can pleas

  28. I was banned for no reason I just saw a man that asked for inappropriate stuff so we skipped and then I was banned by then I don’t know why I got banned? And I have been banned for weeks now.

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