Why is my Facebook account disabled – How to fix it in 2021



There’re a variety of explanations why a Facebook account is disabled. One day you login into Facebook and get a message that your FB account is deactivated or banned for security reasons. This is a shock and you feel helpless.

Every single day, millions of users log into Facebook. We share our life, post photographs, use it to communicate with friends, family, loved ones, and even run our companies on it.

Many of us cannot live without our Facebook accounts. Now, imagine to log in one day and being told that your Facebook account is disabled.

Let’s run over some of the potential explanations why your Facebook account gets deactivated.


Reasons Why Your Facebook Account Disabled


Fake Account

Facebook might figure out that you use a fake identity. Sometimes your account details do not meet certain security standards and they block you. In a next step you have to prove your identity.

Groups Joined

If you join many groups and spam them with a lot of messages, Facebook will block you. Just imaging how bad the user experience on Facebook gets, if everybody just copy pastes spammy messages.

Too many friends

You can have so many people looking for friends. FB has introduced a maximum policy of 5000 friends, but this could typically does not lead to a account ban. Only if they believe, that you build up your friedship circle by automated bots, Facebook will deactivate your account.

Offensive content – Facebook account disabled

If you write offensive content continously and get reported or flagged by the Facebook algorithms, then your Facebook account disabled.


There is a bunch of malware used to hack into Facebook accounts. A untrained internet user does not always recognizes a malware attack. Mostly you download some software from a questionable source. This downlooad carries then the malware into your computer and starts downloading your account login details to the hacker.


Somebody hacked you and got access to your FB account. Now you need to prove that you are the rightful owner of the acoount. It can even happen, if you leave your laptop somewhere running with Facebook open. Then somebody might access your account and take it over.



How hackers try to get your account on Facebook

If you click on something that is a prank or scam on FB, it could download maleware on your laptop.

You might get fooled into clicking something that takes you offsite. Here are three Facebook scams that are common:

  • Promising to Fix some issues
  • A call-to-action to install something, that can help you fix an issue that doesn’t really exist.
  • FB Profile Viewer, promoting to you that you will get a new function to check who visited your profile

These are popular scams on Facebook, and one of the ways in which hackers get access to your FB account and steal it.


facebook banned

How will your deactivated FB account be reactivated?

If your Facebook account is disabled , you can reset your login details using one of two methods:

Having Support From Friends

Pick a friend you trust on FB and send them the nominated URL they need to visit in order to obtain a security code. Then proceed.

Remember your Facebook account security question

Answer the security questions during login to show that you are who you think you are.

Regardless of the option you chose, be mindful that there is a 24-hour waiting time (at minimum) after you pass one of the security checks before any changes in your FB account or page status can be seen. Your account is already available on Facebook at this time, but you are not able to update it.


How to stop being trapped or disabled by your FB account

Your FB account is mostly disabled without warning. There are a few actions you may take to keep your FB account from being deactivated or disabled again:

  • Take the time to set up a network of friends and page lovers. Don’t do spammy moves.
  • Stick to Facebooks terms and conditions.
  • Limit friend request and even the amount of posts you make, don’t make like 100ths in a day.


Who reads the Facebook terms and conditions?

In certain cases, your FB account will be deactivated or disabled. Before you literally ticked the “Agree” box durign the first sign-up, did you really read the terms & conditions?

Most people don’t because they’re complicated, wordy and lengthy. Only once we run into problems when our Facebook account is disabled, we start caring about the rules.

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