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Chat step is a dating and chat room that gives its users a chance to enter or create an online chatroom. Chatstep users can use their nicknames to chat with friends and strangers anonymously. You don’t require to have an account to use Chatstep. However, if you want to share photos or private messenger, you can create an account. Improvements for Chatstep are in progress to make it an application for IOS and Android devices.

Most of the organization use Chatstep to hold online meetings and other purposes. Chatstep users can join chat rooms that are of their preference. While inside a chatroom, you can see all the registered users who have joined the chatroom and have not left on the sidebar. There is a circle beside every username that indicates whether the user is offline or active. Color green means the user is active, while hollow suggests that the user is not active.

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However, note that not all the users indicated online are actively chatting. Some could just be looking around, while others enter and leave the chatroom immediately after some few minutes of joining. Chatstep is designed to join and leave the chatroom if you don’t like whatever is happening in a chatroom.

How Chatstep operates

Chatstep works with three different chat options:

  • Creating a chatroom. This option entails choosing a name for the chatroom and sharing the password and link with a maximum of 50 friends through social media platforms.
  • Joining a private chatroom that another person creates through a link.
  • Having access to public chatrooms.

Why kids use Chatstep

Chatstep uses an instant messaging method for teenagers and children to communicate online. It has a perfect-designed interface and a photo-sharing system that can drag and drop. Users do not need to set up an account while using Chat step, and this makes it desirable to use and fast online chatting that is easier to do.

Chats history is not kept, making it easier for young adults to hold conversations and message privately. Moreover, it is essentially a messaging service that is disposable.

How to joining Chatstep

Chatstep allows its users to choose to join the chatroom by either registering an account or being anonymous. If you choose to browse the chat anonymously, you have to first pick a chatroom from the displayed public list of chatrooms. After choosing, you decide on your username. You can also have a password so that you can go back to that chatroom anytime.

The other important thing you have to do is agree on the terms and conditions provided by the website. You can therefore enjoy your selected chatroom. Leaving the chatroom is easy. All that is required of you is to exit the tab, and all the messages in the chat history will be deleted.

If you choose to have a registered account, it is easy for you. You can register an account with Chatstep by providing all your necessary information, including; username, email address, password, and answer the captcha question to confirm you are not a robot. You will then be sent an account verification link to the email you provided to verify and activate your account successfully.

Registered users have a chance to create a chatroom and make it public or private. If you have to leave the chatroom, you can click on the button ‘leave room’ on the chatroom’s menu left side to leave the room permanently.

How do you create a chatroom?

Creating a chatroom in Chat step is for registered users only. You set the room’s content if you like it explicit or ‘clean room,’ and adult content will be shared to your chatroom. You can also select your chatroom category, either friendly, which revolves around communities, social interest, regional levels, and fantasy, which is all about role-playing and exploring. The last option is an image, which focuses only on pictures.

Chatroom users who create an account must have set chatroom guidelines and a written description, which are to be made available for any chatroom user interested in joining the chatroom. If you put a password, only those who can access the password can join the chatroom.

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Joining a chatroom

If you know the chatroom name and password for the particular room you want to join, it is easy for you to join.

Public room

Both the registered and unregistered chatroom users can have access to public rooms. What makes the difference is the fact that if you are a registered user, you can only leave the chatroom manually if you wish to go. In contrast, closing the tab automatically exits you from the chatroom for anonymous users.

Also, anonymous chat users cannot make changes to their avatar pages, which may contain a username and profile picture. The avatar pages are the pages close to a profile page you can find on the website. However, the page does not contain all the information typically displayed on the profile. It is a pop-up box containing the username and picture of the member.

Risks of teens associated with Chatstep.

Although Chatstep provides teenagers the freedom to hold conversations with friends or strangers, it comes with some risks:

  1. There is possible cyber-bullying since the chatrooms are unmoderated, and it becomes hard to know who the person doing so is.
  2. If you encounter any threat, you cannot report the individual user but the chatroom itself.
  3. Without details of the account or even the username, it becomes hard for one to know the person you are talking to.

Advice for teenagers and parents.

  • As a parent, educate your child about the risks and be aware that Chatstep is a site for adults.
  • Educate your child on how to deal with remarks and comments that are negative. For example, show them how to leave the chatroom or mute the sender if they feel uncomfortable.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not use public chatrooms or join chatrooms found online.

The controversy of Chatstep

Chatstep is similar to other chat sites. You can find other great video chat alternatives here. Chat step has its portion of users who are abusive and share controversial news. Though Chatstep is very strict in its security features today, back in the day, Chat step was an excellent platform that most users used to obtain and spread pornographic images of adults and children. However, such cases were dealt with in court, and those who would be found guilty had to be convicted. This was an awakening call to Chatstep, and they upgraded their security features and the terms and conditions for usage. Nowadays, Chatstep staff heavily monitor all the chats. If you are found violating the guidelines and terms and conditions set, you are permanently banned from using the chat site.

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