Your Guide to Chatiw – All You Need to Know About the Free Chat Website

Chatiw is an online chat platform that enables you to chat with people, hold meetings, or engage with either female or male and all the life dynamics without sending friend requests. The chat website allows you to get connected with people faster and with ease.

Since it is online, you can access the site through a mobile smartphone, laptop, or computer and connect with people from all over the world. All that you have to do is answer a couple of questions that are provided on the site, such as; Name, Age, Sex (female or male) and State/ country. Therefore Chatiw is another online chat room without registration. Just start chatting.

In Chat iw, you can enjoy interacting with people by sharing a live experience, sending text messages, sending pictures, and many more. The Chatiw app has made free dating, and having a good experience with people a lot easier. You don’t need any emails or other personal details. Just start the random chat!

Privacy is important, as people talk freely about their lives

With, the last thing you would worry about is your privacy with the information you share with friends. is committed to providing the highest level of privacy for its users. A safe and secure environment for Chatiw products and services users is provided. is fun to engage with people, as it is more of having to go to a dance floor at a low cost, and you don’t risk looking like a fool who doesn’t know how to move with the lyrics. Everyone involved has to communicate with the other through text messages.

What about the first impression

Everybody wants to look good and give the best first impression when leaving to do something or holding a meeting with someone. Chat iw is not different. The best and easiest way to pull this off is by using a right and captivating chat name. Everyone will use your nickname to reach you, and you have to ensure that the name you choose is creative enough, fun to interact with, and inventive. On the other hand, use terms that don’t suggest that you are trying hard to be someone you are not.


There is nothing more exciting in recent days than making new friends in a dating chat. Dating chats have been more than just widely held. With the high level of technology, dating sites have improved. s on the lead. It is easy to use and very convenient. It’s no doubt that you have landed on the right site. allows its users to become members through registration. Once you have acquired membership, you can create your profile and connect with other users.

If you are not ready to deal with the struggles that come with screening through millions of profiles that have been registered, you always have an option of using the provided search button to filter and get the person you are looking for. The filter function includes a person’s name or nickname, gender, and location.

How to get unbanned from Chatiw?

If you violate the terms and conditions from the video chat, then you can get banned from their service. It can take several hours up to months, until you get unbanned from Chatiw. Here are a few tricks to get unbanned.

1 Wait until you ban goes away

This can take from a few hours to several month. You need to stay patient. Meanwhile you can spend your time on one of the Chatwi alternative chat websites.

2 Connect to a different network

Simply go to a friend or neighbor and start surfing over their network. You will have a fresh IP there and face no issues with a chat ban.

3 Restart your router

Chatiw used your IP adress to ban you. Therefore, you can try to switch your internet router on and off. This typically gives a fresh IP number. As a next step, delete the Chatiw cookie from your internet brower. Try again, if you can continue chatting.

So you can bypass Chatiw ban, if you simply change your IP address.

  1. Switch off your router and wait a few mins.
  2. Delete your Chatiw cookies from your brower history
  3. Power the router back on let it restart
  4. Try if your Chatiw ban is lifted. Enjoy chatting

4 Get a VPN service

If steps 1-3 don’t work for you, then use a VPN service. A VPN can asign you a fresh IP number continously. Also you will be fully private while surfing, as nobody can track your real IP address anymore.

A good VPN service costs you some money (like 2-5 USD per month), but it provides also a range of benefits. I recommend to sign up for a VPN trial of 7 days for free here. You can cancel simply cancel the subscription, if the VPN doesn’t work for you.

All your internet surfing and video chatting is actually tracked back to your IP. Your internet provider can track the IP back to your home. So if you prefer real online privacy, then you really should check out VPNs.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Simple Steps to use VPNcity to unban from Chatiw

  1. Subscribe to VPNcity – 14 day Free Trial* -click

    Try it risk-free for 14 days! Not 100% satisfied? Cancel anytime. No questions asked.

  2. Install the VPNcity’s app on your device.

    VPN supports Windows PC, iOS tablet, Android phone. And you are covered for up to 12 devices at the same time.

  3. Connect with one click to a new VPN server

    Select and connect to any VPNcity server. (This assigns a new IP address to your device.)

  4. Go to and start a new conversation

    Now your are really anonym in the chat. Change your IP adress any time you get banned again Also there are many more VPN benefits like unlocking Netflix from outside US, enjoy risk-free streaming, save money during online shopping and many more.

chatiw random chat

Chatiw features has an easy sign-up process and is available globally. It makes it easier for you to find people with whom you share a common interest, as well as having very affordable subscription options. If you are not sure of your location, Chatiw has a GPS that’s always ready to pinpoint the place for you. This feature allows you to chat with people who are around your area.

It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and therefore the perfect place to communicate with people. You can see people’s ages, gender, names, and nicknames, and they can be able to see your information too. Hence you have a wide variety of choices to choose the kind of people you want to interact with.

How to unsubscripe from Chatiw?

Suppose you wish to unsubscribe from the email service. In that case, you can easily do that by sending them an email requesting for subscription feature and preventing receiving emails in the future if you are no longer using the service. Your email address will be removed from the mail list immediately. Also, you are given access to any information maintained about you on registration upon unsubscribing. All your requests are honored within four days after your notification, and getting your identity proof.

Chatting for free with thousands of active users on Chatiw can lead you to get to know their personalities. And who knows, you might find your life partner along in this free chat. The idea of Chatiw is to have the best experience of online dating, have fun, interact with people from all over the world and get to see those who have similar interests as you. You can engage with as many people as possible, and no one will know. Everything is kept private and only between you and your partner.

If you are not familiar with online dating, Chatiw guides you to commence conversations since chats can be very crowded places.

On the other hand, prohibits sending of bulk unsolicited emails. This, to some point, can be a disadvantage if you wanted to share with your friend’s bulk electronic mails.

chatiw ban

Summary of Chatiw

Chatiw comes with only essential features. Since everyone becomes anonymous, it is sometimes difficult to know who you are chatting with. There are no profile pictures displayed, making the platform different from the other chat sites. There is not enough information on the profile aside from your location, gender, name or nickname, and age, and therefore just browsing on the profile of a person will not be enough.

In conclusion, does not market itself as a usual dating site. It can accommodate various online functions and be the best tool for communication with friends and strangers. It is easy for one to find dates, as the free chat site is unique in its ways and guarantees you excellent results. is free to all persons. However, there is an option to become a premium member, giving you some unique and exclusive chat features. For instance, you will not require to enter captchas whenever sending a message. Your profile is also added as a visible icon to ensure that all the users can see you are a premium member.

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