How to change my FB Password in 2021?

change my FB Password

There are a few ways to restore or change FB Password, if you have forgotten it: use the Facebook recovery or search the saved browser passwords. The official way, and the not-so-official way, both can work for you.

Facebook’s own account recovery process is the best way to reset your password. But before you do it, you can try to find your Facebook password in your browsers password manager first.


You lost your Facebook access?

If you remember that you no longer have Facebook access to the recovery tools that were initially connected with your Facebook account, click it. It’s a serious concern here.

You just want FB to grant permission to anyone allowed to use it, so they need a way to show it. Your FB account recovery documents are the evidence. There is no way for Facebook to check that you are the legitimate FB account owner and that FB access should be permitted without it. Facebook won’t allow you entry without it, and might also opt to delete your account in the worst case.



Password reset for Facebook login

Note that the steps here sometimes shift, depending on the developments of Facebook itself as well as the circumstances of your case.

You might need to follow slightly different steps, as Facebook contionusly adapts the way to change FB Password.

If you know that your password is inaccessible to you, you need to restore your account. On the Facebook sign-in tab, just below the user name password entry area, is the link: Forgot your account? You can also use this link.

Click that, and you’ll be led to a page where you can type your account’s email address or phone number. Click on that Facebook icon, and you will be directed to a Facebook page where you will input the Facebook email address or phone number of your Facebook account.

You are also presented with a rundown of the account recovery options associated with your account. Pick the one that you would like to use and then press Proceed. I only have an alternative email address installed in the above case, so I have no other options.


Recovery of Facebook password

If you wish your current password to be restored, I need to make it clear that you may not be able to do so. That being said, it would be frighteningly convenient if you let your browser recall your password for you. I’m going to use Firefox as an example, but most browsers have similar features.

At the right end of the Firefox toolbar, press the ‘hamburger’ menu, and then click Options (or Preferences, depending on your version). To search for a password, use the search box on the resulting tab, and when it appears, press Saved Logins… This will open a Facebook window showing all the places where your Facebook password has been saved by Firefox. The Reveal Passwords button is pressed.

After an extra little paranoia: The Saved Passwords dialogue box is revamped with an extra column available for everyone to see, the real password.I’ve blurred my password here, of course; it’s plain as day in fact. This all means that you have allowed your browser to save your passwords for you. If you haven’t, this strategy won’t work.


Change FB Password

Facebook can give you a code via email, assuming you have access to your recovery email account. In my situation, it ended up in the Facebook email to change FB Password.

Enter the FB code as necessary and click on Facebook Proceed. Having proved that you are the legitimate owner of the account, you are asked to choose a new password. This is the official and correct way to restore access to your account: by showing that you can react to the methods of FB password recovery that you initially set up, and then set up a new password.


Facebook Security Problem

You can check, if the password manager of your browser saved your passwords:

  • If you are able to restore your Facebook password this way, go ahead and feel relieved.
  • Be very, very afraid.

If you allow passwords saved up in your browser, someone with access to your laptop or phone could do what we just did: find all of your passwords. This is one reason I don’t like passwords saved in my browser.

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