Cablevision is one of the leading telecommunications and media companies in the United States. In case you face some problems with their servce, you should contact their customer services. Here you find the most important numbers and links to their support.

Cablevision hotline

Before you dial customer service hotline, check out their troubleshooting video. Sometimes there are technical issues that only need minor repairs and adjustments, which can be done alone.

Cablevision hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Connecticut, call 203-870-2583
New York, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Westchester call 718-975-1179
Long Island call 631-292-0636
New Jersey call 973-230-6046.

Cabelvision chat, eMail and Twitter

You can chat with a customer service agent – just follow this link. Now fill out the form and you can start chatting with them about issues with products and services.

Or you may email them if that is what you are comfortable with – just follow this link.

If you prefere to contact them publicly on Twitter, then follow this link.

Cablevision runs customer stores – find and visit them

Another good way to get your things done, is to visit a Cablevision customer store. Go to their store locator and type in your location and they will find the nearest store for you to go. Just visit this link and you will find the nearest customer center that they have.

Rest assured that Cablevision will be able to help the best that they can with your issues to their product and services. If you are not happy, you can leave a complain comment here anytime.


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