The Ulimate Guide for the BazooCam Video Chat Room

bazoocam chat room

What is BazooCam?

Founded in March 2010, Bazoocam was originally invented to be a strangerchat site but it has turned out to be much more than just a place to meet new people.

Bazoocam offers people free chatting or video chat session with random strangers to meet, date or hang-out on an international level. Although the site originally began as a French-speaking website, it now houses people from all over the world and supports diverse languages like Hindi, Turk, Afrikaans, etc.

What I personally love the most about Bazoocam is the charm of not knowing who the next random stranger might be. Secondly, I like that I do not have to do any sort of registration whatsoever to get started chatting.

A good internet, a webcam, a working computer, my awesome self and I am good to go for a dirty chat. While different people have expressed different reasons as to why they prefer Bazoocam to other sites (hot teenagers being amongst the list), the majority still prefer it because of their non-registration before starting a chat.

How to bypass a Bazoocam ban?

The easiest way to bypass the Bazoocam ban is by hiding your IP, this can be gotten by making use of a VPN, which can be used for both PC and mobile users. Our recommended VPN provider is VPNcity. They offer a 7 days free trial.

The only way to get banned is if a user violates the terms and guides of the site (they specifically said to keep your clothes on all the time). Therefore another way to get unbanned is to wait out the punishment. You can find plenty of other video chat websites here.

Bazoochat specifies on their site that first offenders get banned for 20 days. So if you get IP blocked the first time, it might not be a bad idea to just wait. If you violated their regulations several times, you will be banned from their video chat rooms for a longer time.

Where to download Bazoocam APK?

Bazoocam is mobile and PC-based. You can download the Android Bazoocam APK on sites that offer APKs for download. A quick websearch will bring you to several download sites.

Currently we are not able to find it on the Google play store or Apple app store.

So while the Android app is available on download sites, it sadly isn’t for IOS device users. The Bazoocam APK for iPhone users is not offered at all.

So the best way to use BazooCam on mobile phone is enter the chat via their chat website on your mobile brower.

Who can use Bazoocam?

Now that you understand that Bazoocam is for people seeking relationships and fun, there is reason that it should be restricted to a certain age grade.

That said, Bazoocam does not permit access to any user younger than 18. The popular video chat is of course free for any gender, nationality, or race. Since age is the only restriction it is very easy to navigate and very easy to find a chat mate.

Is BazooCam safe for Kids?

On the site there is a huge blue tab with the ‘Start’ word on it, clicking this instantly starts my chat session and I was immediately greeted with a guy showing his personal parts. (But it was okay cause I didn’t look).

There was a tab to report any offensive behavior, I didn’t get the chance to use it because he left almost immediately.

While I was still pondering if the site was fit for youngsters I saw a yellow tab with the inscription ‘Girls’. Clicked it and was taken to a page filled with Girllllsss, literally, from semi-clothed to semi-naked girls. So in my conclusion, it’s a huge NO for kids.

What are similar sites like Bazoocam?

Bazoocam is awesome, but you might want to dance around a little to get a feel of similar sites or to compare alternative sites and their features. Here is a list of my top 10 sites that are just like Bazoocam:

1. Shagle
2. Stranger cam
3. Omegle
4. Chatrandom
5. Tinychat
6. Chatrad (different from number 4)
7. Facebuzz
8. iMeetZu
9. Iddin
10. ZupYo

Some of these sites more popular than Bazoocam. Here you find out recommended chat alternatives. So if it is virtual strangerchats you are after, they are sure to give you a thrill.

Rules and Regulations of Bazoocam

Here are a couple of set guidelines on Bazoocam, which all users should follow:

1. Users agree to have legal capacity to engage in the general guidelines as stipulated by the site.

2. There are no restrictions on gender, nationality, or race.

3. All users are to respect the rights and privileges of others on the site.

4. No one is to use the site for professional or commercial purposes.

5. All users of the site are to be above 18 years of age, and in a twist; you are also not to indicate you are underage whether you really are or not. (That seems to put both the underage person and the person talking to the underage in the wrong. Good!)

6. No user is to share any personal information belonging to other users of the site. Never give out your private identity!

7. Violence, xenophobic, political, racist, and abusive content are strictly prohibited.

8. No asking or begging for money and gifts or dirty chats.

9. Bezoocam also does not allow the usage of their site by anyone who seeks to advertise anything, propagate hate or racist slurs, publish, encourage or partake in or pedophilic activities.

10. Harassing, stalking, or threatening other users are prohibited.

11. It is not allowed to distribute immoral or pornographic videos or images. (going by the ‘Girls’ tab I saw earlier, this is a bit confusing, so I am guessing as far it is not coming from you the user, it is okay).

12. Publishing contents in an attempt to invade or disrupt the system software, or the use of proxies and Trojans, are also prohibited.

Generally, it is advisable to follow the codes of conduct and respect your chat partners. If you violate the terms, you will get banned from BazooCam chat services. Also you are responsible, that you find a chat room atmosphere, which makes it pleasant experience to meet people online.

Which Hardware is required for BazooCam?

Because of the nature of a video chat site, you need a working webcam to participate. Additionally, a good microphone is a plus. And be ready to grant the website permission to access your webcam and mic.

Features of Bazoocam

No Ads: If you are like me and you do not like the screen-filling ads or you get irritated by the ones you find on other dating sites, this platform is different as they have a no-ads policy thus, users with somewhat slower PC can connect better.

Security: BazooCam seem to have some level of security in place with several moderators monitoring the activities of the rooms all the time, to prevent prohibited things. Apart from this set of guards, a user also has the right to call their attention to anything they find disturbing by clicking on the ‘Report’ button found on the site.

On the right side of BazooCam website, it has a place to sign in with a nickname, email address, and password. Going via this route lets you save people in a friend list and have a mini virtual friendship history. On the other side I can pick the gender I want to chat with. Chat filters for country, gender, interest, language conversation filter are also available.

I did notice however that there is a Mobile feature, no need for a third-party app. While chatting, you can choose to play games and puzzles like Tetris, Tic Tac Toe, and 4 in a row.

No fees and international audience

Unlike other strangerchat apps, there are no fees needed, all features are open to everyone. Bazoocam has a geolocalisation feature; this makes it possible to narrow down your random stranger within a radius close to the location you are chatting from. So yes, this feature is very nice… and it is possible to end up chatting with your neighbor.

To summarize BazooCam is another site to meet people online. Let us know in the comment what you think about BazooCam.

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