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azar chat app

In this article, I talk about the popular AZAR app. The Azar chat app allows you to chat with strangers from other countries. Their slogan “Discover and Connect” highlights the vision of the creator, who built it for those seeking new relationships across the globe.

Azar is a unique and free socializing video chat app that connects random people of various ethnic, religions and, beliefs groups around the world. It allows you to communicate and meet new like-minded people near and far from you independent of the geographical differences.

Azar is a popular chat app

Ahn Sang-il the CEO and Co-founder of Hyperconnect, a South Korean company, founded Azar. When they launched the Azar App in 2014 they had no idea it would out grow their expectation. The founder says “I knew Azar is a success after seeing more than 200,000 people on an app that targeted 10,000″.

The App generated about 2.3 million chat talks in the first month of its chat room service. It had a growth rate of 3000% over the first 4 years. People in the Middle East Region use Azar a lot. Maybe because they culturally prefer to use voice chats over text messaging. So Azar is a huge hit.

The App allows users to instantly create meaningful connections with random people using video calls and allows them to swipe over to another user if there are no sparks or bonding between the users.

Ultimate Azar FAQ

Is Azar free?

Yes Azar is a free app. You can download the Azar app and start chatting without paying. It allows users to chat with the use of just text messages, to choose the specific gender they want to communicate with, and to specify the people from a particular part/region of the world.

Is Azar a dating app?

Azar has made it possible for various people around the world to use this App not minding their language diversity or beliefs. Therefore, Azar is mainly a place to meet random strangers for good conversations.

If people like each other, there might exchange personal contacts and start dating as well. But be prepared for getting into a long distance relationship 🙂

What are the key Azar App features?

The Chat App has various interesting features that make it user friendly:

As usual, the app comes with the sign-in/sign-up feature just like other apps, allowing new users to register and create a profile, also allowing old users who had left the app for a while to reclaim their previous accounts.

Azar makes it possible for users to add their interests, things they like and don’t like, and other personal interesting info, making it possible for them to be matched with individuals who share similar passions and interests.

Azar’s video chat communication is what makes it a unique App, as it allows users to see the individuals, whom they are interacting, closing down the bridge/gap left by other strictly-text messaging Apps.

Two of its most unique features that I absolutely adore are (1) users have the opportunity to change their location to any other place of their choice when they are on the membership of course or when they purchase a one-time change of location feature. This is uncommon with other video messaging apps.

(2) It possesses an Auto translating program that allows users to communicate with people of different languages. That is, this powerful feature translates any language spoken or written by the user immediately thus allowing both users to understand each other and communicate fluently with any language, preventing any sort of language barrier. (Which means I can fluently speak Dutch and still find love in Asia).

The chat room app permits users to add new people whom they find interesting into their friend’s list, allowing them to form a small unit of people they find attracted to.

The chat history feature allows users to find and resume chatting with previous connections. So if you wish to connect back with a chat partner, sort of a do-over of past, you can do it.

What is also nice is the fact that they do ask for your permission before exposing your location to other users, and before connecting your video and voice to their site. Users also have the option of just skipping some formalities by logging in with their Google or Facebook.azar

In which countries is Azar App used?

Over the years, Azar has become one of the Top 10 Dating Apps in the world, in the first half of last year, sales of about 123.5 million Won (Korean currency) was made and 99% of its users originated from outside the origional region of South Korea.

The App is now available in over 190 countries around the world and supporting 19 different languages. Despite the fact that it started as a Korean-based app, it has since been popularized and sought after as a worldwide app.

Has Azar a chat app and a chat website?

The popular chat room is mainly accessible via its IOs or Android app. You find the Azar website under this URL

When you click on this link it takes you to the Azar web page, which doesn’t really hold any function other than directing you to the download of the Azar APP.

Now, there is a minor setback that affects the Azar app and that is the fact that the App is only a mobile app and has no version for PC (Personal Computers) and Laptop users.

So yes, it does not support PC users.

But, after researching online a bit, it seems that some users have reported that the app can still be used by PC users. All they have to do is download a supporting app called Bluestack, which is some sort of app emulator that allows PC users access to mobile apps. It is available to windows or MAC owners. So you download Bluestack and launch it, then download the android or IOS version of the app, and voila!

How to Download the Azar App?

Downloading the app is very easy for Android phone users. Just search and download it on the play store. You find a link leading to the play store chat app directly on their website.

Apple (IOS 12 and above) users can also get the app through the Apple store, a link to this IOs chat app is also available on their site.

What are gems used for in Azar?

Gems allow you to select your favorite gender or location. Also you can add people as friends, when you have Azar gems.

You can buy them or get them for free, if you report users, which violate the terms and conditions. Please stay with the truth, when you report some chat partner, otherwise your account gets blocked.

What is the Azar VIP membership?

Azar app offers a paid VIP membership.

Benefits are:
1. You can change your name
2. Use the higher resolution backside camera of your phone
3. Display a VIP banner on your profile
4. Change your location and set a preference search region

But, all these additional functions come with a price.
While some think the VIP membership payment is not worth it, I do believe it is nice to consider, as it makes available all these flittering features. You can book your VIP service for 1, 3 or 6 month.

Although, it is good to remember that once a subscription is paid for, it will automatically be renewed unless the user cancels it before 24 hours of its auto-renewal.

What is the age limit to use Azar chat?

The App has a minimum age requirement of 17 and above. But there are no strict age verification methods other than selecting your age yourself. Therefor it is possible for kids to manipulate their age and get access to the app.

Is Azar app safe for kids?

The App is used for chatting, flirting and certain individuals always shift from the major vision of meeting strangers to exposing unpleasing images or body parts on the App. So, in shorter terms, anyone above the age of 17, looking to mingle and tingle can use the app.

Despite what others might think, most users are still of the opinion that it is not suitable for kids (I think so too).

How does Azar provide chat control and safety?

Azar has a 24-hour chat monitoring system to protect its users from any unpleasant experience. It provides a very effective reporting system that pops when any abusive action is detected and also compensating the users for reporting such abuse. (Sort of like a mobile police).

With its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Azar identifies inappropriate images automatically in the chat. Once a user breaks the terms and conditions of the random chat app, the user can be banned from further chats.

Rules and Regulation Governing the Azar App

To create a safe environment for users, Azar has its guidelines that all users are expected to follow. Violation of any of them might lead to suspension or deactivation of the user’s profile.
These are:

1. Sharing or displaying full or partial nudity is highly prohibited.

2. Abuse or harassment, hate speech, racial slurs are prohibited.

3. Behaviors such as moaning, groping, displays of sex toys, and other sexual behaviors are also prohibited.

4. Any texts, words, or actions with the aim of cyberbullying, body shaming, or insulting other users are prohibited.

5. Discrimination of any Sort such as age, gender, nationality, skin color, religion, ethnicity, disability, or medical conditions is not allowed.

6. Throwing threats at users either emotionally or physically is also not allowed on the app.

7. Acts resulting in Violence of any such as murder, terrorism, inducing fear or death of an individual is also prohibited.

So please follow some basic commen sense chat rules. This will also increase you chances to meet interesting people.

Why is my Azar account blocked?

Azar app will block your account once you violate the terms and conditions of the chat app. Azar is a chat platform, where everybody can feel safe and comfortable.

If you show nudity, offend somebody or run advertisements, then you risk to get your chat account banned. Please follow the common sense chat rules.

Azar Alternatives

There are many other websites and apps available to enjoy random video calls with stangers. Some examples like Chatroulette, Omegle or OmeTV you can find on our chat alternatives overview here.

I have compiled a list and have come up with my Top 10 apps to talk to random strangers that can be used in place of Azar:

  1. Chatroulette
  2. Tinder
  3. Omegle
  4. MeowChat
  5. Chatous
  6. ChatHub
  7. Face chat
  8. LuckyCrush
  9. Emerald Chat
  10. Monkey App

As you can see, there are various other alternatives to the Azar app.

It is up to you to visit this app, but our suggestion is to give it a try. I had a very pleasant encounter with the app although I was being matched with the same gender, which I think was as a result of me not being specific enough on my preferred gender.

If you have some opinion about Azar char, feel free and leave your comment below.

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