Verizon customer service

Verizon is a well known broadband telecommunications company and the largest US wireless communications service provider. Verizon customer service is available to solve any problems and technical difficulties for you. But before you can get in touch with them, you musts first go to their official website. Follow this link and select the concerned service, so that the customer support can properly address your needs and questions.

Verizon customer service hotline

You can contact Verizon call hotline with this number 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). A customer service representative will assist your call. They have friendly staff, able to understand your issues and concerns. You can contact this number 24/7 and the calling charges is free of charge.

Other than calling them you can also choose other methods on how to reach them.

Verizon chat

You can also live chat them directly, if you follow this link. Click on the grey virtual assistant button “Ask Verizon” and a chat window will open. In case you use some popup blocker function, this chat window might not open. First disable then the popup blocker function for this site. Now you can start chatting with Verizon customer support or browse the FAQ on the right side and select the subcategory of your question.

Verizon FAQ forums

Believe it or not but you can find a lot of helpful and useful tips in the Verizon forum. A lot of people are sharing helpful insights and experiences.  Many times your questions was solved by another user and you can read about exisiting solutions to fix it. If you are interested you can click on this link and go to their forum site.

The Verizon customer service is fast and helpful. Many customers seems happy – if you like you can use the comment function to share your experience.


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