Amazon Customer support

We all know Amazon in these internet and technology days. Amazon is a company which is worldwide known as the best and biggest company for online shopping. So, if you are a customer and you have some issue, you should turn to the Amazons customer support service.

Amazon Customer support online

Visiting the official site of the Amazon Company, you will have to find the contact us option. Here you will find questions that will help you describe your issue. The first question is to pick between four options of problems like: “An order I placed”, “Digital Services”, “Prime or something else” and “Amazon devices and Kindle apps”.

When you choose the option that fits your issue, the second part will be to choose between a given menus of issues for that kind of problem. You will probably get more questions that you will have to choose between the options given, but at the end you will get your answer in one of the two forms that have been given to you: email or phone.

Amazon Phone support – call back

If you choose phone, after going through the contact us menu, than you have two options again: Call me now or call me in five minutes. Here you can provide your number and Amazon Customer support will give you a call to discuss about the details of your issue.

Amazon emailĀ support

First go the contact us menu, select your issue and if you want to get your answer by email, then click the email option. Now fill the empty spaces with the information needed, then click send email and you are done. Wait for your answer, it will come very fast.

As additional information for those who are curious – the email of the Amazon customer support service is

Amazon hotline phone number

If you still don’t think you got the right answer and you need more information, it would be better for you to call the Amazon customer support department.

The toll free number is 1-888-280-3321, but you will have to answer many questions about your identity, so you will want to probably get prepared before you call.

Amazon Co-pilot option

Another great option that Amazon Company gives to their customers is a Co-pilot option. You can find it on the bottom of the official amazon web site, click need more help and then you find the Amazon Co-pilot. It may be a helpful feature but you have to get in touch with a representative on the phone fist in order to get a code that you will need for the Co-pilot feature. The Amazon help community is also a great way to share experiences and find the right answers of your questions.

Amazon Customer support review

So, having in mind all the options that Amazon gives to its customers, we can conclude that thereĀ are many ways to get in contact with Amazon customer services. You just choose your favorite option to get in touch with the Amazon customer service department and continue to use the Amazon site without any obstacles.

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